The Dual Life of Joe Profaci, Businessman and Crime Boss

The Intriguing Life of Joe Profaci, Mob Boss and Businessman

Dominic Grimaldi

Born Giuseppe Profaci in Villabate, Sicily, in 1897, Joe Profaci led a life that would become synonymous with organized crime ...

The Commission - The Silent Authority Behind the American Mafia

The Commission – The Backbone of the American Mafia

Dominic Grimaldi

In the annals of organized crime, few entities have wielded as much power and influence as the Commission. Established in ...

Murder, Inc. - The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Hit Squad

Murder, Inc. – The Ruthless Enforcers of Organized Crime

Dominic Grimaldi

In the annals of American crime history, few names evoke as much dread as Murder, Inc. This notorious group served ...

The Business of Crime - Understanding the National Crime Syndicate

The Rise, Dominance & Legacy of the National Crime Syndicate

Dominic Grimaldi

In 1929, a clandestine meeting took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that would forever change the landscape of organized ...

The Castellammarese War - The Conflict That Shaped the American Mafia

The Castellammarese War – A Pivotal Chapter in Mafia History

Dominic Grimaldi

The Castellammarese War, a brutal conflict that unfolded between 1930 and 1931, serves as a cornerstone in the history of ...

How Joe Bonanno Rewrote Mafia History

Joe Bonanno — The Man Who Lived to Tell His Mafia Story

Dominic Grimaldi

Giuseppe Carlo Bonanno, better known as Joe Bonanno, was born on January 18, 1905, in the coastal town of Castellammare ...

Salvatore Maranzano and His Quest for Mafia Supremacy

Salvatore Maranzano – The Man Who Tried to Rule the Mafia

Dominic Grimaldi

Salvatore Maranzano, born in the coastal town of Castellammare del Golfo in Sicily in 1886, crossed the Atlantic with ambitions ...

The Rise and Fall of Joe Masseria, the Man Who Shaped the American Mafia

Joe Masseria and the War That Changed the Mafia Forever

Dominic Grimaldi

Born Giuseppe Masseria on January 17, 1886, in the small town of Menfi, Sicily, the man who would later be ...

Gotti's Legacy in Mafia Cinema

Gotti (1996): A Masterpiece in Mafia Cinema

Dominic Grimaldi

John Gotti, also known as the “Teflon Don”, was a figure who captivated the American public and media alike. His ...

The Undisputed King of Gangster Shows - Boardwalk Empire

Why Boardwalk Empire Tops the List of Gangster TV Series

Dominic Grimaldi

Boardwalk Empire doesn’t just offer a plot; it presents a labyrinthine series of events that keep viewers on the edge ...