Historical Events

Discover the historical events that have made the mafia a subject of fascination and fear. From the formation of the Five Families to the takedown of criminal empires, get the full story here.

The Bonanno Family Saga in the American Mafia

The Rise and Reign of the Bonanno Crime Family

Dominic Grimaldi

The Bonanno crime family, a name that resonates with intrigue and notoriety, stands as a prominent pillar in the annals ...

Unveiling the Chicago Outfit - A Century of Organized Crime

The Rise and Fall of the Chicago Outfit

Dominic Grimaldi

The Chicago Outfit, a name synonymous with organized crime, carved its niche in the underbelly of American history. Established in ...

Tracing the Violent Path of Anthony Spilotro

Tony Spilotro – The Infamous Enforcer of the Chicago Outfit

Dominic Grimaldi

Anthony Spilotro, often remembered as “Tony the Ant”, stands out as one of the most formidable figures in the history ...

Murder, Inc.'s Mastermind Albert Anastasia

Albert Anastasia – The Formidable Architect of Murder, Inc.

Dominic Grimaldi

Albert Anastasia, born Umberto Anastasio on September 26, 1902, in Tropea, Calabria, Italy, embarked on a path that would etch ...

Tracing the Footsteps of Vito Genovese in the Mafia's History

Vito Genovese and His Impact on Organized Crime in America

Dominic Grimaldi

Vito Genovese’s story begins in the small Italian town of Risigliano, where he was born on November 21, 1897. His ...

Johnny Torrio - Shaping the Chicago Outfit and Organized Crime

The Life and Times of Johnny Torrio in Chicago’s Underworld

Dominic Grimaldi

In the heart of Italy, in 1882, a child named Johnny Torrio was born, destined to leave an indelible mark ...

Behind the Legend of Frank Nitti, Chicago's Underworld Kingpin

The Rise and Fall of Frank Nitti in American Organized Crime

Dominic Grimaldi

Born on January 27, 1886, in Angri, Italy, Francesco Raffaele Nitto, later known as Frank Nitti, embarked on a life ...

From Enforcer to Puppeteer - The Tony Accardo Saga

Tony Accardo and the Silent Mastery of the Chicago Outfit

Dominic Grimaldi

Tony Accardo’s story is not just a narrative of crime; it’s a complex saga that mirrors the evolution of organized ...

Joseph Colombo's Shifting Roles in Crime and Society

A Closer Look at Joseph Colombo’s Life and Influence

Dominic Grimaldi

Joseph Colombo’s birth in Brooklyn in 1923 set the stage for a life that would be anything but ordinary. Growing ...

The Colombo Crime Family and Their Undying Influence in New York

The Rise, Fall and Resilience of the Colombo Crime Family

Dominic Grimaldi

The Colombo crime family, a formidable force in New York City’s organized crime scene, has a history that stretches back ...

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